Corporate Video Production Geneva

Corporate/Promotional videos

‘Lights, camera’ and ‘action’ speaks louder than words

Corporate/Promotional video: Marc Bader believes in the power of storytelling through video and actively collaborate with his clients to bring their stories to life. He has over 20 years of experience to bring your stories to life.

For the scripted story, Marc produces business videos, corporate videos and promotional videos.

Typically Marcs’ promo videos are between 1-4 minutes in length. He starts by filming raw footage of your project or event. He then works closely with you during the editing process to create an exciting and engaging promotional video that you can post online, broadcast on TV, or use internally.

IFRC | Editor

OCHA Joint Unit (JEU) | Cameraman & Editor

International Trade Centre (ITC) | Cameraman A. González part & Editor

UN Humanitarian | Cameraman of Caroline Kende-Robb part

ActionAid Australia | Cameraman interviews & Geneva parts

UN OCHA/UNDP -CBi | Cameraman interviews & Editor

CETIM | Cameraman & Editor

Global Coffee Platform | Cameraman & Editor

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland | Cameraman

GE Aviation | Cameraman & Editor

WEF 2017, Caspian Week | Cameraman & Editor

Geneva Peace Week | Cameraman & Editor

PIP Financial | Cameraman & Editor

Firma Gebr. Sträb | Cameraman & Editor

Foundation Mamont | Cameraman & Editor

GSMA | Cameraman & Editor

Websedge | Cameraman

Cosmed | Cameraman

Active Citizens | Cameraman & Editor

Teamconsult | Cameraman & Editor

Datacruit | Cameraman & Editor

European Energy Manager | Cameraman & Editor

Marc works by your side throughout the process from pre-planning to completion. Marc will solidify your vision and its execution before production, during production up to the final corporate/promotional video version and distribution.

Marc specialises in bridging the traditional production approach with today’s digital innovations and deployment channels. Furthermore, Marc utilises a full range of the latest equipment but will only employ the elements that serve the whole.