Corporate/Promotional videos

Great visual storytelling for a digital mobile world

Grande Image believes in the power of storytelling through video and actively collaborate with our clients to bring their stories to life. Filmmaker & cameraman Marc Bader has over 20 years of experience to bring your stories to life.

For the scripted story, we are a film production company who produce business videos, corporate videos and promotional videos.

Typically our promo videos are between 1-4 minutes in length. We start by filming raw footage of your project or event. We then work closely with you during the editing process to create an exciting and engaging promotional video that you can post online, broadcast on TV, or use internally.

Blockchain Open-loop Cash Transfer Project | Short version

Blockchain Open-loop Cash Transfer Project | Long version

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland | Cameraman

GE Aviation | Cameraman & Editor

Websedge | Cameraman

Global Coffee Platform | Cameraman & Editor

Cosmed | Cameraman

Firma Gebr. Sträb | Cameraman & Editor

WEF 2017, Caspian Week | Cameraman & Editor

Global Coffee Platform | Cameraman & Editor

GSMA | Cameraman & Editor

Connecting Business initiative (CBi) | Cameraman & Editor

As videographer, Marc can be hired also a cameraman for compelling corporate and event videos. He offers videography services for launch events, exhibitions, award shows, trade shows, PR events, birthday parties, fundraisers, conferences, venues, and concerts; each one of them unique in objective, style and tone. His event videos encourages nostalgia amongst those who were there, as well as inspiring interest in those who weren’t.

As you can see, our videos are the perfect advert for your next event and showing people what they can expect from attending. If you are having an event and would like to capture the essence and message, Grande Image would be happy to produce an event video production to fulfil your needs!