The fascination of true stories

Grande Image has produced more than 20 documentaries for the Goethe-Institut.

Marc Bader has directed together with Petra Kunčíková the long documentary “Freedom Express” for the European Network or Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS).

Filmed in Lukla, Nepal, the brand documentary “H80-powered LET L-410 mission to Lukla” with more than 80.000 spectators on YouTube is a huge hit for GE Aviation. As cameraman and videographer Marc Bader worked in the slums of Nairobi for Football for Development. Alltogether Marc Bader was shooting in more than 15 countries.

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity

Goethe-Institut Ukraine | "Schaufenster Enkelgeneration" Trailer

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Goethe Institut Ukraine | Schaufenster Enkelgeneration

Grande Image is a strong advocate of the form a documentary is making. We are passionate about creating powerful and engaging films. As well as having the power to inform and entertain, documentaries provide also a powerful and unique emotional way to communicate with their audiences.

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