Interview/talking heads videographer Geneva, Switzerland

Interview/Talking head video 

A powerful way to connect with the audience

An interview/talking head video is an inexpensive and straightforward way of getting your message across to your audience, building trust in your company and putting a face to the brand.
Some of Marc’s talking heads clients include Edwards Lifesciences Switzerland (internal communication), UNDP Connecting Business initiative (CBi) with more than 50 interview videos and Joint UN Environment OCHA Unit (JEU) with more than 30 talking head videos.
As “One Man Band”,  Marc is able to handle on his own up to three cameras, light and sound equipment which saves you money.
It is expected that the interview questions are asked by the client.
  • Interview specialist
  • 4K-/Full-HD, PAL/NTSC
  • 2 or 3 camera setup possible
  • Teleprompter
  • Fibre optic internet connection
  • Car & driving license
  • 24/7 in and around Geneva
  • Fluent in English, French, German & Czech

Interview/Talking head video examples

ActionAid Australia | Cameraman Interviews & Geneva parts

UN Humanitarian | Cameraman of Caroline Kende-Robb part

CBi | Cameraman & Editor

CBi | Cameraman & Editor

Mykistudio| Cameraman

Mykistudio| Cameraman

CETIM | Cameraman & Editor

Packaging Europe | Cameraman

International Trade Centre (ITC) | Cameraman A. González part & Editor

OCHA Joint Unit (JEU) | Cameraman & Editor

CBi | Cameraman & Editor

The Commonwealth | Cameraman

Interview/Talking heads – powerful faces behind your message

Video provides visual context, but when you’re trying to inform your audience about something new and unknown, you often need more.  Educating through the use of animation, graphics, and diagrams can be a great way to visualize a product or service, though those methods lack a personal perspective. Interviews allow experts to explain and educate audiences about a product or service, while touching on elements that can’t be reached through visuals alone.

For interview/talking heads filming, Marc uses some of the latest high definition 35mm digital cinema cameras including the Canon C300 Mark ii, Canon XC15, and Canon EOS R.

These produce gorgeous HD video that’s crisp, clear, and has a unique cinematic look. Marc also uses high quality audio equipment including Sennheiser wireless mics, shotgun mics, handheld cardioid mics, and Zoom portable digital recorders if needed.